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The Lost Airports of California’s Bay Area
locations of 60 historic Bay Area airports with several georeferenced airport images

Given its rich aviation history, from early experiments in lighter-than-air flight to the modern Fleet Week,[1] it’s no surprise there are old Bay Area airports waiting to be discovered.

What I didn’t understand, until finding this incredible resource by Paul Freeman,[2] was just how many airfields there used to be. With Paul’s blessing, I created this map of 60 airports in the areas of San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, San Rafael, Santa Rosa, and Monterey.[3]

  1. If you’d like to learn more, SF Chronicle has a good overview. And if you’d really like to dive in, check out Aviation in Northern California 1910-1939: Vol. I, San Francisco Bay Area.
  2. While this post focuses on the Bay Area and a few surrounding counties, his site covers airfields across the country. Please consider donating if you also enjoy the site.
  3. I know that’s more than the Bay Area, but I was having too much fun 😅

How to Upgrade Your Personal Task Management System
an approach to keep daily and weekly tasks focused on your priorities

I found this task management system useful as an Engineering Manager and Program Manager at Apple, as a student pilot, and now as I study to teach others how to fly. It helps align tasks with priorities, then focus on completing them efficiently.