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The Lost Airports of California’s Bay Area
locations of 60 historic Bay Area airports with several georeferenced airport images

Given its rich aviation history, from early experiments in lighter-than-air flight to the modern Fleet Week,[1] it’s no surprise there are old Bay Area airports waiting to be discovered.

What I didn’t understand, until finding this incredible resource by Paul Freeman,[2] was just how many airfields there used to be. With Paul’s blessing, I created this map of 60 airports in the areas of San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, San Rafael, Santa Rosa, and Monterey.[3]

  1. If you’d like to learn more, SF Chronicle has a good overview. And if you’d really like to dive in, check out Aviation in Northern California 1910-1939: Vol. I, San Francisco Bay Area.
  2. While this post focuses on the Bay Area and a few surrounding counties, his site covers airfields across the country. Please consider donating if you also enjoy the site.
  3. I know that’s more than the Bay Area, but I was having too much fun 😅

How to Improve ForeFlight With a Bay Area Content Pack
an overview of content packs and a download for the Bay Area

If you’re planning to fly in the San Francisco area, you should install a Bay Area content pack for ForeFlight.[1]

  1. This is short post; if you already know what content packs are, this link may be all you need.

Hello and Welcome!
an overview of myself and this blog

Jack O'Leary in Cessna 152 cockpit

My name is John O’Leary, although everyone calls me Jack.[1] Nice to meet you!

I am a private pilot in the Bay Area, training to be a certified flight instructor (CFI). I’m currently working on my Instrument Rating.

My (smart, beautiful, and supportive) wife suggested setting the goals for this blog in the first post. She’s usually right, so let’s do that.

This blog is meant to cover my passions: learning, teaching, and flying.

  1. I also go by Jules Altis in online communities (such as live streams or planning Microsoft Flight Sim fly-ins).